Car Seat Checks

Car Seat Safety

We have seven CPS technicians in the department. We are more than happy to answer child passenger safety questions or get you in touch with those who can answer your questions. We would also love to assist you by teaching you how to properly and safely install your child's car seat(s).

Car Seat Checkups

Please, call the fire station to set an appointment for your car seat checkup. Because it is a working fire station, the crewmember/tech could get called out before or during your appointment. Please, make sure to call the fire station right before you come for your appointment and understand that we will do our best to keep the appointment and will reschedule if we are unable to. There is a checklist available to download and print that describes what to do before coming to the car seat checkup, what to expect during the car seat checkup and what knowledge you should have after the car seat checkup.

The Car Seat Giveaway Program

We also partner with the Alliance of Southwest Missouri. They supply us with car seats that we are able to give away, free of charge. Call the fire station with any questions you may have about the car seat giveaway program.

In addition, the Alliance of SWMO has a class you can attend titled: Car Seat Basics Workshop. For more information about the class and/or to register for the class visit their website.