Rummage Sale Permits

Rummage Sale Costs & Information

Looking to have a Rummage Sale? The City of Carthage requires a permit to have a Rummage Sale. Every Carthage resident can have two Rummage Sales in a calendar year. (The Citywide Rummage Sale does not count against your 2 Rummage Sales). The cost is $1 per day. For Instance: If your Rummage Sale is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday your cost would be $3 and it would count as one Rummage Sale. Please read the following instructions and then fill out the Rummage Sale form to obtain a permit

Rummage Sale Ordinances

Please read the information before you have your sale!

Carthage City Ordinances Pertaining to Rummage Sales.


  • You may not attach rummage sale signs to utility poles, street signs, highway signs, stop signs, or any other traffic control sign.

  • You may not put rummage sale signs on the public right-of-way; that is, between the sidewalk and curb. It has to be placed between the sidewalk and the house within the yard.

  • You may put signs on private property or yards, provided you have the property owner's permission.

  • Any signs you put up you must be responsible to take them down within one day of the end of the sale!


  • You may have a "rain-out date change" only if you do not sell anything and do not have your sale at all. You must come to the city hall the very next working day with your rummage sale permit, to notify them of the cancellation.

  • We hope this fact sheet will help. Violation of any of these ordinances can result in you being issued a court summons and assessment of a fine.

  • If you have any questions or would like to see the ordinances in their entirety, you may call City Hall at 237-7000 or the Carthage Police Department at 237-7200.

Rummage Sale Form

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