Commercial Construction

A Commercial Building Permit is required for work that is regulated by the International Building Code 2018, National Electrical Code 2017, and Carthage City Code.

All Commercial Building projects are subject to Plan Review. All Plan Review submittals shall include a completed Commercial Building Permit application with the appropriate Plan Review fee. Plan Review fees are based on the total cost for the work covered by or included in the submitted project plans and are to include the total cost for all finish work, painting, roofing, plumbing, mechanical, fire protection systems, and /or any other permanent equipment.

Plan submittal is a crucial step in the Plan Review process. All plans are to be signed and stamped by a Missouri licensed design professional appropriate to the project. Complete Plan Submittals will help expedite the Plan Review process by avoiding delays caused by the lack of required information.

When all applicable Departments have approved the plans submitted for review and all fees have been paid the Building Permit is ready to be issued. Plans that are not approved shall be revised and re-submitted to the Public Works Department for further review and may be subject to further review fees.

Structural Design Requirements

  • Ground Snow Load: 20 pounds per square foot 

  • Wind Speed: 90 miles per hour

Other Information

  • 4 Sets of Plans are required for Plan Review; in addition, a digital set of plans must also be included.

  • All-New Commercial Buildings are required to install a Knox Box Rapid Entry System. For helpful information about the size and type of Knox Box before ordering, call your Fire Marshal at 417-237-7100.

If you have additional questions, contact the Public Works Department by calling 417-237-7010 and discuss your project with the Building Inspector. Remember, failure to obtain a permit before starting a project that requires a permit is a violation of City ordinances and may result in a fine.