Street Department

The Street Department is responsible for year-round street maintenance, which includes asphalt repairs, crack sealing, and road rehabilitation preparation. The Street Department also provides snow removal during winter events, implements a leaf removal program in the fall, and has mosquito spraying operations during the summer months. Additionally, the Department provides traffic control maintenance by installing and maintaining traffic and street name signs and by painting or installing stop bars at intersections and striping

View the Carthage Street Specs (PDF) document. 

Annual Street Paving Program

The Street Paving Program is funded in the city’s annual budget. Streets are selected for repaving on a priority basis as determined by surface conditions, traffic flow, and safety.

Leaf Removal Program

The City of Carthage Leaf Removal program starts early November and runs through the end of December. The purpose of this program is to eliminate excess leaf build-up along city streets that can cause stormwater drains to clog. These efforts help prevent flooding and reduce negative impacts throughout the city. Leaves collected during this program are taken to the Recycling Center where they are recycled and turned into compost.

Mosquito Spraying

The Street Department sprays for mosquitos throughout the City through the Spring and Summer months (May to August). Typically, the program runs during the last week of the month. Crews start at 8 pm in the evening and run in sync with the trash pick-up schedule. If your trash is picked up on a Monday, then crews would be spraying in that same area on Monday.

Snow Removal Policy

The City of Carthage’s purpose is to provide an adequate transportation system for vehicles properly equipped for winter driving conditions in snow and ice events. Optimal conditions will be provided as soon as practicable after a storm. Certain streets have a higher intensity use and thus have a higher priority for snow removal.

Snow Route

The Street Department has designated a network of roads within the city as a snow route system. The only deviation from the designated route is by the request of Public Safety to assist in providing emergency access or support.

Street Construction Specifications (PDF)

View the Street Construction Specifications document for the city of Carthage.

Street Cut Repair

All Street Cuts made in asphaltic or concrete pavement shall be sawed or jackhammered before digging. These cuts shall be held to the minimum width as necessary for the particular project without sacrificing any type of required safety precautions and / or procedures. Anyone making a street cut will be expected to exercise sound judgment in order to prevent unnecessary damage to city streets, sidewalks, curb and gutters, and alleys