How To Handle Recycling

What Can Be Recycled?

The Recycling Center accepts a variety of materials for recycling. Materials must be separated and placed in the appropriate container.

The Recycling Center accepts:

  • Tin

  • Aluminum

  • Plastic

This includes all metal food cans, beer, and soda cans; all Number 1 and Number 2 plastic containers such as milk, soda, detergent, water bottles, etc.

  • Glass

Glass bottles that are brown, green, blue, or clear are acceptable. No Pyrex® or dinnerware, plate glass, vehicle glass, safety-tempered glass or stained glass is accepted.

  • Cardboard

Only corrugated boxes, beer and soda flats, paper grocery bags, cereal boxes (no wax- or plastic-covered cardboard). All cardboard materials are to be clean, dry, flattened in size, and no more than 48" x 48".

  • Newsprint / Office Paper

All types of newsprint, inserts, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, envelopes, and fax paper.

Things to keep in mind:

  • All lids are to be removed

  • All cans and containers shall have no food residue

  • All foil containers, aluminum foil products, paint cans, solvent, or pesticide containers are not acceptable.


The Recycling Center accepts old electronics, microwaves, televisions, monitors, and computer equipment.

There are fees for the disposal of some E-Waste items. Those items and the fees are as follows:

  • Televisions - $15

  • Monitors (CRT) - $10

  • Microwaves - $10

Currently, the collection of miscellaneous small electronic equipment can also be dropped off in the E-Waste Building at no charge. Please see the attendant on site for assistance.

Mulch / Compost

The Recycling Center often has mulch and compost available free of charge. Also, keep in mind that currently at the Recycling Center there is not a fee for dropping off your leaves or grass clippings.

Miscellaneous Disposal Fees

The Recycling Center provides the community with a way to dispose of large items by providing access to a dumpster. If you want to see a general list of items and the corresponding fees, view the Recycling Center Fee Schedule.