Inspection Schedule

A request for inspection should be made to the Public Works Department 24 hours prior to the inspection.


  • Site grading and Erosion Control if applicable

  • Footings / Forms: trenches are excavated and / or forms are in place with reinforcing steel suspended in the bottom third of footing, with continuous corners.

  • Stem walls: forms are in place and all reinforcing steel in place.

  • Under Slab Plumbing: All plumbing pipe / joints are to remain uncovered until inspection.

  • Slab: once the plumbing is covered, and all steel/mesh and vapor barrier is in place.

  • Open Floor Inspection: prior to the placement of subfloor decking.

  • Framing / Open wall: prior to any insulation.

  • Fire Wall and / or Fire Wall penetrations prior to any insulation.

  • Rough-In-Plumbing: Prior to any insulation.

  • Sewer line installation: Sewer pipe in the trench with tracer wire is to remain uncovered until inspection has been made. Connections to the Sewer Main are also to remain uncovered until final inspection.

    • Note: Depending on the location of the Sewer Main or Sewer Wye Extension an Excavation Permit may be necessary. An Excavation Permit is required when any work is performed in any right-of-way, easement, street, or alley.

  • Certificate of Occupancy: A walk-through inspection is performed prior to the use or occupancy of the building. Keep in mind that each project varies, this list is for reference only and is provided to help you with the planning of your project.

If you have any questions, contact the Public Works Department by calling 417-237-7010.